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How to install AsusWRT component into Home Assistant using SSH Key (without using password)

If you are using an Asus router, you may use the official AsusWRT component to integrate it into your Home Assistant. However, the component page doesn't teach you how to install the AsusWRT component using SSH Key. Here is a pictorial guide on how to do that.

1. Open PuTTYGen app and click Generate. Move your mouse randomly in the empty key field.

2. Copy the generate public key…

3. and paste it in the Asus router's Advanced Settings > Administration > Authorized Keys. For extra security, change the port number and don't allow password login via SSH.

4. Go back to PuTTYGen app and then go to Conversions > Export OpenSSH Key. Give the file a name without any extension, e.g. asuswrt and save it to your computer.

5. Upload the file to HA config folder. E.g. /config/ssh/asuswrt

6. CHMOD the file to 0600 via WinSCP or this command in PuTTY; chmod 600 /config/ssh/asuswrt

7. Finally go to your Home Assistant and then go to Configuration > Add Integration and look for ASUSWRT.

8. Fill in the form like this. Remember to use your own Host IP, Username and Port number.

That's it, you are done! You may use the generated SSH key file to create command line switch or sensor in your Home Assistant to control or view certain status of your Asus router.


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